all work and no play: lesson explainer video of the week


This video is made for our wonderful students so they know what to expect in this week’s fabulous lesson. Do you want to find out? well, let’s go!
This week the lesson on our platform is all work and no play. What is all work and no play? well, it’s talking about your leisure activities, all your hobbies. Now hobbies are really important because it gives you the opportunity to rest both your body and your mind and that’s what we need as we learn English and speak with our Fast Pass Method, the more you speak the better you become!
That we all have hobbies. My hobby, for example, is collecting action figures. No it’s action figures, they are action figures because it is an
investment and because you can get your money back my friends. 
So in this video let’s start by looking at some of our vocabulary.

  • So the first one we look at guys is pastime. So pastime is also another way to say your hobby. What is your pastime? we want to hear about it in our lesson.
  • the next one we’re looking at, guys, is to chill out. Chill out can be an adjective, a noun and a phrasal verb for example that music is very chill out, music chill out. We can use it as a noun, for example, that place is a chill out. We can use it as a phrasal verb, you need to chill out.

Now that’s some of the vocabulary that you can find on our platform at Now, let’s look at our expressions.

  • the first one,guys, we’re looking at is to paint the town red. If you paint the town red, you are celebrating after working for a long week.
  • the next one we’re looking at is to kill time. If you kill time then you are waiting for someone or something by doing something else so you are on your mobile phone or on our platform at

Now it’s time for us to look at our grammar. The gram of this week is about play, go and do with sports activities. Now you’re going to need this as you’re going to speak about all the activities that you do that you go that you play. So we look forward to talking about this in our lesson.

So thank you so much guys, thank you so much. Have a fabulous lesson from me Brent, the D-man and sunbathing trip. Have an excellent week! see you in the lesson until then will kill me I will kill you

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