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Clase de la semana

3 Simple Questions to improve your English Listening : Can you guess the food by listening to the ingredients


and this week as our lesson is about cooking using the clues. Can you guess the food just from the ingredients given to us by the teachers? Can you, well, Rubi, get us started.

  • Thanks Brent. You need flour, eggs, milk, and if you want chocolate to make this birthday treat, what is it?Over to you, Ally.
  • Thanks Rubi. Rice, seafood and rabbit go into this traditional Spanish dish.What is it? Over to you,D-Man.
  • Thanks, Ally Lettuce, tomato, a round piece of meat and don’t forget the cheese and a pickle. What is it? Over to you Brent.

you have them all 3? Send us back your answers so that we can correct them.


Últimas clases 

Let’s get cooking and learn new vocabulary to help us speak better about cooking



3 Simple questions to Improve your English listening and find the food from the teacher’s country’s


  • Brent. I am from Spain and in Spain we have a very famous dish that is made out of, potatoes and eggs. It is round and some people add onions to it, but that’s up to you. What is it? Over to you. Rubi, what do you have in Italy?
  • Thanks, Ally. I am from Italy and when you think of this beautiful country, you think of this round flat, delicious food on which you can have many toppings, but I prefer to keep it simple and only put cheese. What food is it? Hey, D-Man, what’s from Scotland?
  • Thanks Rubi. What do we have in Scotland? Well, For our national dish, we take sheep’s heart, sheep’s lungs, and sheep’s liver and we chop it all up and put it into something that looks like a big sausage. What is it? And what do you have in South Africa?Brent?

of food from South Africa, but that’s for another lesson. Well send us back your answers. Good luck to you and let’s get eating. Yummy.


Are you a Foodie? Do you love food and talking about it?


Galicia with wind clouds, probably some rain in a bit, but I tell you what, the food ain’t half bad, D-Man
Hit us with a song….Okay……
well guys, this month, as you,know, all the topics, on our platform is based upon food, glorious food. Last week we looked at

week we are looking at local foodie. Are you a local foodie? Do you love to speak about food, especially food
this lesson, we will be looking at vocabulary that will help you to speak better and some expressions

better. What do you say, D-Man? Man, are you ready? So let’s start by looking at the vocabulary and the expressions that you can find in the platform, in our lesson. And while we doing that, the D Man will play us a song. Hit a

Man. Once again, I’m sorry about this. So Grammar this week is about the difference between food,

and when do we use them? Remember, our lessons are designed to get you speaking. This has been

what to expect. See you with the lesson guys. Have a great week. Bye bye-Bye.






Do you like burgers and want to improve your level of English?


lesson? D-man are you ready I’m ready let’s go…..

looking at Food of the world because our lessons for this month is Food Glorious Food and so what we’re doing today is we are tasting food of the world we have Carl’s Jr from the Pepita from Spain and KFC from Kentucky land now what we are going to be doing is giving you some feedback using the vocabulary that you can find on our platform with the adjectives what are the adjectives we’re using sweet spicy Savory Smoky and bitter now let’s taste the food and tell you what we think of them are you ready I’m ready are you ready I’m always ready I’m talking to them for me are we ready let’s do this we’re also very hungry let’s go a few moments later that was something guys but they were so delicious D-Man what did you think? delicious yes they were delicious guys

  • you think of Carl’s Jr very good burger it was the most simple tasting one okay the three okay and what would you use so I would say it was Savory it was Savory uh a little bit sweet a little bit sweet yeah spicy no it was not spicy crunchyno no no it wasn’t better but well done I love the chips or the fries amazing what did you think the fries they were the best looking fries best looking fries The Taste was also very good
  • let’s go over to what we have from Spain Pepita what do we have from Spain with the Pepita what did you think of Pepita very nice very nice a whole range of different flavors yes so they had the caramelized onion it was sweet yes the caramelized onion made it sweet and it was a little smoky did you get that smoking yeah just me okay so the Smoky Savory obviously it was savory a little sweet uh I wouldn’t say it was bitter would you say it was bitter no that was for me it was it tasted like the healthiest option what did you think yeah yeah it did taste like the healthiest option seemed like the the ingredients were a little bit higher quality yes it did seem like it did seem like because it is I think a gourmet burger but it’s really good so fantastic also there oh the Pepita had a sauce Pepita had a sauce called chipotle sauce was really spicy please if you go they get that if you like spicy sauce you need to get it it’s incredible do you like it yeah I recommend it two thumbs great
  • and what about KFC what do you think about KFC very good very good yeah KFC deep fried chicken their Specialties their specialty yeah deep fried Chicken KFC obviously the boss of this here and it was uh it was very nice it was spicy though it was really spicy it was really spicy you mentioned to me when we were eating a denser you said it was dancing it’s a lot of chicken yes the smokiness of the bacon it was fantastic guys fantastic so please if you can visit Carl’s Jr really good visit Pepita and check out KFC really good all of them are really good so difficult lesson this week that we had to do for you we did this for you guys we did this for you so guys remember use the vocabulary when you’re speaking we have idioms and collocations we have Grammar this week which is a reported speech uh don’t forget to check out our podcast with Adriana and Shanelle presents now it’s created an Incredible video so

forward to seeing you in the lesson I need a siesta now demon do you need a siesta yeah we didn’t Siesta thanks guys you take it have a good one ever see you in the lesson bye oh so good wasn’t it but a nice cup of tea that’s really the nice cup of tea come on now…….






It’s Monthly level Review for you


explain what’s in the test in a song D-man are you ready?


Buzzing for Business: Lesson Explainer Video of the week


oh yes
come on now thank you D Man! that’s right so This week guys the lesson on our platform is Buzzing for Business remember this month all our lessons were about super Industries we looked at the IT Crowd we looked at Logical Logistics
and now it’s time for Buzzing for Business but before we start let’s listen to one of our ex-teachers and what he has to say about the FastPass method over to our ex-teacher

Thanks Brent as an ex Brent English teacher I can assure you that the FastPass method works because it gets students speaking better and better day after day so check out our website and join us

thank you so much Pash it was so nice to have you here with us for a few days 

As you can see we are all dressed as risky business people even Andy, Andy show them what you’re wearing Andy yes this week on our platform remember this is what you can find

so let’s start with our vocabulary vocabulary music thank you taking our Breath Away taking our breath away so guys the first word that we are looking at is brand now a brand is a logo a symbol that you use to identify a company can you think of any a Ninja level Brands
[Music] I’m sure you can my friends I’m sure you can come on now okay the next one you’ll get is premises now premises yes Sweet
Home Alabama come on now a premises is not a local guys remember local means from the area premises is the building where a company is not local not local be careful with this so that’s some of the vocabulary that you can find on the platform now it’s time for idioms and collocations More Than Words [Music] oh I can feel the breeze I can feel the breeze on my knees I feel the breeze on my knees have collocations remember Idioms and collocations the Expressions that say a lot in just a few words let’s look at the first one up in the air, up in the air come on get away Fly Away thank you man if something is up in the air it’s not decided yet for example a contract you haven’t signed it because everything is up in the air okay that’s up in the air the next one is learning the ropes if you are yeah ABC you’re learning your ABCs come on D Man if you are learning the ropes then that means that you are learning or you’re a
 rookie and you learning the processes of how something is okay so that’s some of the idioms and collocations that you can find on the platform.

Now it’s time for grammar what’s a grammar this week demon hit us with the song that’s right it is false friends false friends remember are words that sound very similar in your language but mean something completely different in English for example fabric is not Factory fabric is material okay and carpet is not the same as file there’s a lot that we’re going to be looking at because when you’re talking about
business you want to use the exact word well there you have it guys thank you so much for watching this video we look forward to seeing you in the lesson from me Brent, the D Man, Trevor the tree and Andy and you say thank you and have a fabulous weekend we’ll see you in the lesson Okay
so until then take care and be risky

Wednesday Listening: Can you guess the mode of transport?


It’s Wednesday! Time for our listening and this week as our lesson is about logistics. Using the clues, can you guess these three modes of Transport? Before we begin remember to like, share and subscribe for more wonderful Fast Pass Method material.

Are you ready? Well Ally, over to you! Thanks Brent.

  • this mode of Transport was the strength of the Industrial Revolution it needs tracks and it can be a little bit slow and noisy but it is great for transporting goods like coal and wood. What is it? Over to you Ruby
  • Thanks Ally, this mode of transportation is perhaps the fastest and the most expensive one and it’s used to transport goods between continents what is it? Over to you D-Man
  • this mode of transport is as old as can be and is used to transport Goods overseas what kind of Transport is it? Back to you Brent.

thanks D Man well there you have it remember to send your answers back to your teachers so that we can correct them,it’s Wednesday and this is logistics week let’s get listening and good luck!

Logical Logistics : Lesson explainer video of the week


-For Trevor The Tree
-Trevor The Tree?
-Yeah Mm-hmm. Okay
-Okay, thank you
-for Trevor?
-for Trevor?
-It’s for you Trev
-I dont know the song but it’s cool

Excellent this week the topic on our platform is Logical Logistics why Logical Logistics? well this month all our lessons are about super Industries and last week we looked at the I.T crowd and this week it’s logical Logistics because guys Logistics is an important part of our Lives because we buy things all the time online.

-Ali do you shop online?

-Mmm quite often

-When was the last time you bought something Ali?


-D’man when was the last time you bought something? Today?

-Andy when was the last time you bought something? Andy doesn’t buy anything doesn’t have money there’s a
camera person doesn’t have money oh Andy uh don’t worry my friend don’t worry, but before we start with what we’re going to
be looking at in this lesson let’s hear from the D’man about what Brent English is all about

-Join us and be part of Brent English and speak better english like all our students from around the world, Brent English with our Fast Pass method works. So try out.

Thank you thank you D’man that was a very interesting yes that that was interesting. Thank you so much thanks so much. So let’s start let’s start by having a look at some of the vocabulary and the expressions and the grammar that you can find on the platform thank you
D’man. Ali what’s the first word we’re looking at the first word is an adverb overnight, overnight like I don’t know the song.  So the first one we look at is overnight the overnight is when the duration of night so as you click and order something and receive it the next day the chances are that it is shipped out to you overnight and that enables you to get it the next day overnight what’s the next word Ali? The next word can be a noun or a verb courier a courier, lost it but he got it back come on now Mr Postman a courier can be the
person that delivers the goods to you but it’s also a verb because the verb that they are doing is curing the goods or the objects to you so you receive it the next day overnight so that’s our vocabulary.

Now let’s have a look at our idioms and collocations come on D’man more than words more than words yes they literally are more than words one word that says a lot thank you man what’s the first expression Ali? The first expression is early bird gets the worm D’man that is an incredible song even an incredible song thank you man once again I don’t know the name of the song but it’s a good song the early bird gets the worm that means that if you are the first to do something you will get the rewards for example, Ali do you like concerts? yeah a lot do you when you go to concerts do you like to sit in the front uh like the back of the concert yeah sure oh to get the best seats when do you think you need to go in the beginning you have to be the early bird to get the reward to get the tickets to go to the concert what’s the next word we’re looking at the next idiom we’re looking at is just in time just in time come on now I don’t know this song either well done D’mon well done now the just in time is something that was created by Toyota Motor Corporation and ensures that the logistics process is perfect because the person that’s manufacturing or making the car will receive just the exact amount of parts that they need to manufacture the car and this is Ninja level thank you D’man thank you so much come on now so that’s in our idioms and collocations.

Ali what’s in the grammar the grammar this week is phrasal verbs phrasal verbs are those when when you add like a noun or a preposition they change their meaning for example you mean like pick up and drop off those are some of the phrasal verbs for Logistics that we will be looking at this week but don’t worry there’s more explanation on our platform and as well with your teachers so there you go so thank you so much guys enjoy the lesson logical Logistics is an important lesson have a great week from me Brent, Ali, the D’man Trevor the tree and Andy have a super weekend we look forward to seeing you in the class thank you. Yes this is not practice we do not rehearse this okay bye come on what’s this song? thank you.

Wednesday Listening Test:Can you guess the iT symbols


It’s Wednesday time for our listening
and this week as it’s iT week using the
clues from our teachers can you guess
the answers? before we begin remember to
like share and subscribe for more
wonderful fast pass method material are
you ready? well let’s go

this symbol is very important whenever you’re telling
somebody about your email address what
symbol is this?

it is a tag that you see very often used
on social media what is this symbol

when you use this at the end of a
sentence it’s called a full stop but if you are typing out a website address you
call it a…what is it called?

well do you have them all three? remember
to send your answers back to your
teachers so that we can correct them
it’s Wednesday and iT week come on let’s
get listening

The iT Crowd-Lesson explainer of the week


What are you reading, Ally? Not
much. Just learning about it.
iT iT,
International transport.
No Investment
techniques. No.
iT, rugby?
No. What is it?
Information Technology.
Come on D Man, that was
great. That was the first take
this week and this month we
are looking at super industries.
Every week we’ll be learning about
a new sector or a sector
that’s really emerging and growing.
And the first week it’s about
information technology and the
lesson is the IT
crowd. Now, the IT crowd
is something that we have created
here and we have never heard
that expression anywhere,
ever at all. Okay. Okay.
So in this video we are
gonna look at a little bit
of our vocabulary, a little bit
of a idioms and collocations and
some of the grammar that you
can find in this lesson. But
before we do all that, Ally
has something she wants to say
to you. Take it away, Ally
Remember to visit our website,
www.brent to find
out more about our FASTPASS
method. Join us and become a
happy student. So let’s hear what
one of our happy students has
to say. “It’s good”
Guys, Where’s my money?
Yeah. Uh, pay we
we don’t pay. Come on now.
They know. They know. So guys,
let’s start by looking at some
of the vocabulary that we have.
What’s the first vocabulary that we
have? Ally? the first world that
we looking at is noun Popup
up To pop up. Ooh. Well,
pop-ups can be something really good
because they give you information and
sometimes the pop-ups
can be really good and other
times the popups can be
really annoyed. Wouldn’t it be funny
if I didn’t put any graphics
in there and the D Man was doing all
Wouldn’t be so funny? So,
so that’s a popup. What’s the
next one, Ally? The next one
we’re looking at is device. A
device. Now a device is a
gadget and you probably are watching
this on a device, but one
question for you guys and for
you guys, are you team Apple
or team Android? Ally?
Team Android.
D Man What about you? Team Android
okay, I mean whatever…
So that’s some of the vocabulary
that you can find on the
platform. But Ally what’s in the
expressions that we have today? The
first expression we’ll be looking at
is figure it out. To figure
it out. Yes. If you figure
something out, you have to find
a solution, guys. And that is
to figure it out. Remember, it’s
a regular, so figure figured, figured
it out. What’s the next one?
Ally? No ifs, ands,
or Buts? Well, this is a
new one. No ifs, ands, or
buts means no exceptions,
no excuses will be
tolerated. No ifs, ands, or
buts. And especially for your homework,
for eating your vegetables or for
handing in a project,
no ifs, ands, or buts. What’s
in the grammar? The grammar is
week is the past simple and
the present. Perfect. Simple. The past
Simple is used when we wanna
know the time and the present.
Perfect. Simple is when we wanna
know the action, but don’t worry
because we will review everything through
the week. Ninja Level Thanks
Ally. Well done. And that was
done in one take. So for
me, Brent, Ally,Trevor
the tree and the D man,
have a great weekend to see
you in the lesson. Oh D Man!!!!
Come on now. D Man. Come
on now. Do you know what
I’m doing Ally? This is from the
movie Terminator. From the
Terminator. Yes.
For you. For us.
Classic. Classic. Oh yes.
I love this song.

Wednesday Listening: Monthly Level Review March


It’s Wednesday listening and this week we are reviewing some of the questions we had during this month can you remember the
answers? hey Ali over to you
thanks Brent so in Spain is playing we looked at this is a traditional dance from the south of Spain with female dancers wearing beautiful red dresses what’s the dance called? over to you Ruby
thanks Ali in Saint Patrick’s Day we looked at… it’s a green flower that represents Ireland what flower is it? hi D’man
thanks Ruby in London Calling it’s the house of the queen uh I mean King of England what is it                                                                  thanks D’man well do you think you have them all three send us back your answers so that we can correct them it’s monthly level review so good luck to you thank you

Monthly Level Review March all done


So Ally, why dont we tell our students what’s in this week’s lesson that they can find on the platform. Did you like it, Brent? of course, I know it’s not Spanish but who doesn’t like La Bamba. Come on now. So that’s right our lesson this week is Spain. Why don’t you explain to our students why are we doing Spain’s playing? But before we do please remember if you want to find out more about Brent English just click on the link below so you can visit our website and find out why people all around the world are speaking better English because of our Fast Pass Method that’s right and they do speak better because with the Fast Pass Method the more you speak the better you become and that’s our objective guys.

So Spain explain is about taking a concept in Spanish or in your language and finding the equivalent and being able to speak and communicate. Because the more you communicate the more you speak, the better you become and that’s what we want here at Brent School.

cSo what we’re gonna do now guys is we’re going to have a look at some of the vocabulary that you can find in this week’s lesson at

So the vocabulary Ally, what’s the first word?

  • The first word we’ll be looking at is sobremesa. You mean like after dinner conversation when you’re waiting for your dessert. Exactly! what’s your favorite dessert,Ally? um cheesecake.
  • what’s the next word Ally? the next one we’ll be looking at is to estrenar (to debut). Now Ally, is there anything that
    you will be debuting? I am debuting my new water bottle from Brent English! yes the one that you can find on our online shop that you will be able to purchase it really really soon.

Well, that’s some of the vocabulary that you can find on our platform. Now it’s time for us to look at our idioms and collocations.

  • what’s the first one Ally? the first one is «meter la pata«. To put your foot in it.
  • the next idiom we’ll be looking at is «ir al grano«. Like the Fast Pass Method. Straight to the point.

So what do we have in the grammar Ally?  the grammar this week is conditionals: the first, the second, third but don’t worry because our teachers will explain everything to you this week’s lesson.

 I will see you in the lesson. Thank you!

Spain- Wednesday Listening

It’s Wednesday time for our listening and this week as our lesson is about Spain. Using the clues can you guess these three things that are associated with Spain? Before we begin, remember to like, share and subscribe for more wonderful Fast Pass Method material. Are you ready?

Well, let’s go,

  • Traditional dance from the south of Spain with female dancers using beautiful red dresses. What is the dance called?
  • These small dishes or snacks are typically served in bars and restaurants in Spain. Some famous ones are potatoes bravas, tortillas and croquetas. What is it called?
  • Pilgrimage in the northwest of Spain that pilgrims have been doing for over a thousand years. What is it?

Well, do you think you have them all? Three. Remember, just send your answers back to your teachers so that we can correct them. It’s Wednesday. That means the weekend’s almost so have a good week!

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