English Lesson of the week 10 July part 3 of 3 Grammar-Will and Going to

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Are you ready for a grammar section? grammar section! [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] whoo i’m getting better at playing the cricket bat now the grammar this week is about the difference between will and going to right they both are used for basically the same things but there are some exceptions so we use will at the moment a decision is made for example i will walk on the promenade yes take a walk yes i’m walking i will walk at the moment a decision is made will okay we also use will for a future prediction for example derek’s team will win scotland scotland we will win scotland thank you thank you okay a future prediction we also use it for a future fact for example derek will not get any presents for his birthday no no no [Music] no derrick will derrick will get presents for his brother jerry what did i get you last year for your birthday [Music] he got a walk walk that’s what he got a war war don’t worry derek trevor and me i’m gonna get you something nice all right guys so that is will now let’s look at going to go into we make use for plans made before speaking before speaking for example next week i’m going to sing in the competition [Music] my god i will be eliminated in the first round okay so going to events for future predictions i am going to sing in the competition the next one we use we are going to when you make a prediction based on evidence for example look at the clouds it’s going to rain going to rain music [Music] thank you man thank you and the last one we use going to for is when you can see that something’s about to happen for example run or you’re going to miss your train run run run run run all right so guys remember that there are many more examples for you to look at on the platform incredible examples for you to look at the platform so check it out okay well thank you so much for watching this video remember we look forward to seeing you in the lesson if you want to be part of brent english contact us and be part of our family and you can see why we are getting students all the time because they enjoy it we enjoy what we do so our students enjoy learning and that’s the most important have a fabulous week from me brent from the d-man trevor the tree trevor says bye trevor says bye have a fabulous week guys i will see you in the lesson

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