English Lesson of the week 11 September -Blast from the Past + Past Tense

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This video is made for our wonderful students so they know what they will be doing in the lesson with their fabulous teachers. Do you want to know what’s in the lesson this week? Well, let’s find out!
This week the lesson is blast from the past. Why blast from the past? well, this week guys we want to get you speaking in the past tense. We want to work on our pronunciation especially with verbs regular and irregular in the past tense. Yes! We want to make you ninja level so in this video we are going to try and in under three minutes try and show you what to expect in the lesson. We’re not going to do everything but just a bit so that you understand what to expect. We’re going to start off with our vocabulary, then we’re gonna go on top idioms and collocations and finally we’re gonna look at our grammar.
So let’s start off now with some of the vocabulary now. Remember this is on the platform so if you go onto the platform this is what you can find and today we are going to be looking at two of our vocabulary. So the first one we’re gonna be looking at is the first one we’re gonna be looking at is:

  • clever:  remember clever is an adjective. If you’re clever then that means you are very fast at understanding things all right so if you remember when you were a kid who was the clever one in your class.
  • the next one we’re going to look at is hindsight. Hindsight is when you understand something only after it has happened. Okay so this is a very good word in spanish i think it would be retrospective I meant there okay so that’s hindsight.

Now, as you see on the platform, there’s a lot of other vocabulary so we’ve got a lot more vocabulary on there.

Now let’s go on to our idioms and collocations. The idioms and collocations remember that it’s expressions that you can use that say a lot in just a few words and they’re very very useful so let’s have a look at the first one:

  • blast from the past: in English is an expression that means it’s a powerful way that you remember things that that happened to you and you kind of reminisce about the past if you see something or you hear something and it takes you back.
  • Let’s look at the next one. The next one looking at is a trip down memory lane is when you remember things that happened to you in the past but happy things that happened to you in the past for example: passing an english, exam happy music…

So that’s a little bit of the idioms and collocations as you see there’s a lot more on the platform so remember to check that out.

Now it’s time for us to check out our grammar now. Our grammar this week, guys, is about the past tense. Remember the past tense in English, especially with the pronunciation can be a bit tricky. There’s the -id sound the -ed okay for example: mended mended.
There’s the strong t-. for example walked/worked
And there’s d- sound so there’s a lot of things that you will be looking at this week with your teachers.

All right. So thank you so much for watching this video, enjoy the lesson and if you know anyone that wants to join our lessons please get in contact with us.
Thank you so much guys. Have a fabulous week and we’ll see you in the lesson.

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