English Lesson of the week 18 September -In the right place at the right time + Preps time and place

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Hello students! This lesson is made for our wonderful students so they know what to expect in the lesson for this week with their fabulous teachers, who you want to know what’s the lesson? Well, let’s find out!
This week our lesson on our platform is in the right place at the right time and, why is this a lesson? well we want to get you speaking about prepositions of time and prepositions of place. So we’re gonna look at our old platform. Remember, this is what you can find on our platform at brentschool.com where our students have access to all this information. So let’s start with a look at today a little bit of the vocabulary, a little bit of your idioms and collocations and a little bit of the grammar so that you know what to expect in this lesson.

Let’s start now when we look at our vocabulary. So if you’re going to the platform into our vocabulary section you see that our vocabulary is level guided from pets to engineering

  • so the first one we’re going to look at guys is daily. Daily, remember guys, is something that happens uh frequently that happens
    almost every day. So for example you can say you read a daily newspaper or you have a meeting in your company daily.
  • the next one we’re looking at is is Cambridge Advanced which is Cambridge Advanced for -ish. This is a suffix guys that you can
    use and you add it to an adjective and it says more or less has aspects for example some ish music I’m gonna play Sweet
    Child of Mine Sweet Child of Mine. Sweet Sweet Child of Mine ish, you see, it’s kind of not really good but kind of so that’s -ish. So you use it for time I will see you at five ish six ish which means more or less and you look at the shirt. The shirt is brownish, blackish that means that it’s more or less that color.

So that’s where you look at our vocabulary this week. Well some of the vocabulary the next thing is with our idioms and collocations Remember the Indians are in collocation you can use just a sentence or an expression and it says a lot in just a few words. So you use it in your speaking with your teachers

  • the first one we’re looking at is is in the right place at the right time like Indiana Jones. Yes always he saves the world. He saves the world in the right place at the right time. That’s a very good expression.
  • the next one we’re going to be looking at also in the blink of an eye. So remember,  if you have a connotation in the blink of an
    eye is something that happens very fast right, like our videos in the blink of an eye.

Let’s look at our grammar section. Grammar this week is about preposition of place and preposition of time. Ninja level now this will be covered in the lesson with your fabulous teachers so we hope you enjoy the lesson. So there you have it guys. Thank you so much for watching this video. Remember the lesson this week is in the right place at the right time.
Have a fabulous week!!

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