English Lesson of the week 2 October -Let’s get active + Active and Passive tense

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This video is made for all fabulous students so that they know what to expect in this week’s amazing lesson. Do you want to know what’s in this week’s lesson? well, let’s find out
This week, guys, the lesson that we have on our platform is «let’s get active«. Autumn is here. Summer is gone and it’s very easy for us to be wrapped up warm under our blankets. It is Ninja level to be under the blankets but no we will be active so in this lesson we’re going to be active. We’re going to show you some words to get you moving because here at Brent English even the teachers are very active. What we want from our teachers is to push the limits, push themselves harder so that they are able to improve their body and the mind very important. So this video will be explained a little bit about the vocabulary, a little bit about the idioms and collocations and a little bit about the grammar. Let’s get started with our vocabulary. Now, if you go onto our platform at brentschool.com this is what
you find and then you see let’s get active and go to a vocabulary.

So let’s look at the vocabulary we got and

  • the first one they’ve got is uneasy now remember a vocabulary is level guided Ninja level.
    We practices all the time this is it. It’s uneasy. Uneasy, remember, it’s it’s an adjective that says yes you feeling a little bit um not easy,  you’re feeling not comfortable. Okay so you are uneasy because you’re not training for example.
  • the next one you’re looking at is
    uh first now fuss is a noun. Now if you make a fast. If you wake up first then that means that you are getting too excited about something now I never get excited about anything. I mean you know this is me normally, every day.

So that’s the vocabulary guys. Remember there’s a lot more on the platform if you’ll go over that with your teachers.

All right, now it’s time to go over to idioms and collocations on the platform now the ones that we’re going to be looking at the first one now. Remember idioms and collocations, they say a lot in just a few words so it’s really important for you to be able to use them so that you can speak and communicate much better

  • the first one we’re going to look at is cool as a cucumber. So cool as a cucumber guys remember the idiot collocation that means to be relaxed for example if you are in a stressful situation you can remain as cool as a cucumber like Brent English students
    when they do their exams they are as cool as cucumbers.
  • the next one we got is blue in the face. Blue in the face which means that you can ask and ask and ask until you blew in the
    face but it’s not going to happen fornexample like when we tell our students to do their homework and they always ask us for more homework, the students are always blue in the face but they say no more, no more and we say no more for you always this is how we are at Brent English. 

Now in our grammar this week guys we have a fabulous topic right the grammar. This week is what the active voice, let’s get active and the passive voice.  Remember guys with the active voice and passive voice. The active voice says who did something and the passive voice says what has been done now.

This will be covered in your class with your amazing teacher so enjoy thank you so much for watching this video. We truly hope you enjoyed. It it’s time to get active guys, not only for our body for our minds remember enjoy your English experience because the more you
enjoy the more you will speak the more you speak the better you become and that’s the Fast Pass Method.

Have a great week guys and we’ll see you the lesson!

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