English Lesson of the week 25 September -Time to Take off + phrasal verbs

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This video is made for wonderful students so that they know what to expect in this week’s lesson. Do you want to find out? 
It’s time to take off this week. The lesson on our platform is time to take off, to kick back and chill out because this week guys we are going to be learning about phrasal verbs. We’re going to get you speaking using phrasal verbs. We’re gonna get you listening to topics about phrasal verbs and we’re going to improve your general understanding come on. SO in this video we’re going to look at some vocabulary, then we’re going to go to idioms and collocations and after eating circulations we’re going to look at Grandma.
We’re gonna focus on our phrasal verbs. So let’s start with our vocabulary. So let’s have a look at the first one so if you go onto the
platform at brentschool.com this is what you can find. The time to take off that’s our topic this weekend if you go to vocabulary let’s look at the first one in vocabulary. Remember our vocabulary is level guided guys so we start with B1 and we go on to Ninja level which is
… yes!

  • so the first one we got is to book. to book a flight, book a flight, to book a hotel… So if you make a booking guys, remember, you are reserving a flight or you are reserving a hotel. So this is a verb you can book just about anything why is it book? because you’re writing in the book, writing in the book music … 
    Let’s go on to the next vocabulary that we’re looking at. Remember this video is just explaining a bit but in your class you will learn a lot more with your fabulous teacher.
  • Now the next vocabulary we’re looking at is dizzy. Dizzy, it’s an adjective. Dizzy is when you start to feel light-headed and you start to feel a little bit weak like a cucaracha. Sometimes when people fly or when they take off, they do feel a bit dizzy, especially if you fly long distance

    So this is some of the vocabulary. Now it’s time to go on to idioms and collocations. This is how we practice. Remember if you
    go to the platforms Idioms and collocations and this what you will find. Idioms and collocations are expressions that you can use that say a lot in just a few words and remember with the Fast Pass Method it’s designed to get people speaking and what we want to do is make you communicate the best and the fastest way possible without putting any stress on you
    So let’s look at a few of the of the areas of the collocations

  • the first one we got is value for money means when something is very good at its price and it’s very good at the product. In Spanish, people say calendar quality price value for money.
  • The next one we’re looking at is Riding High. Riding High means when you’re feeling very ecstatic. You are riding high it’s like you are on a wave so it’s when you’re on the top of a wave and you feel very ecstatic. It could be that your sports team won a match and you are riding High. Just like Scotland Scotland Scotland is always winning Scotland Scotland he’s Scottish back into that okay so that you are riding high now.

It’s time to look at our grammar. Are you ready for grammar? We’re looking at phrasal verbs so our phrasal verbs you form when you take a verb and you can take an adverb or a preposition to create them. So we’re going to look at some here but in your lesson you’re
going to look at a lot more with your fabulous teachers. Are you ready once again?

  • So, let’s go to the first one okay so the first one we’re gonna go with is to agree with. If you if you agree with me then that means that you investigator in Spanish you say estacado that you agree with someone. So you can agree with or you cannot agree with for it for example when I tell my students that they need to do their homework many of them don’t agree with us do they agree
    with you okay no no they don’t they don’t like homework
  • and the next one we’re going to look at this is check in. Check in if you’re going check into a hotel booking  check in 

Thank you so so there you have it guys! Thank you so much for watching this video, remember here we want you to smile here we want you to enjoy your experience learning English is about having fun. The more fun you have the more you will speak, the more you speak, the better you become and that’s the Fast Past Method.
We want to say thank you so much have a fabulous week I will see you in the lesson.
have a good one!

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