English Lesson of the week 4 September -Runs in the family + confusing words

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This video is made for our students so our students know what’s in the lesson for the week ahead with your fabulous teachers. Are you ready? Well, let’s go!
Welcome back! Are you ready? Did you have a good summer? we missed you. Yes, we did! yes but we are back, thank you. Backstreet’s back and we are back with a new lesson and this week’s lesson is fabulous it’s called runs in the family. We are family. We’re gonna try and do everything in under three minutes. Yes, we are ninja! Are you ready? so we start off with our vocabulary now the main reason why we’re doing this topic is because here at BrentEnglish with our Fast Pass Method it’s designed to get people speaking, to take your breath away, exactly, so we want to get you speaking because the more you speak the better you become and that’s the Fast Pass Method. And speaking about your family is going to happen for sure so let’s get you ready teach you some new vocabulary, some new expressions and with some new listenings on the platform. Let’s start with our vocabulary
So as you can see,  we’ve got quite a few words here let’s start off with um with the two words that we’re going to look at the first one is the

  • in-laws remember anyone related to you by marriage is your in-law mother-in-law: father-in-law, sister in law, brother-in-law.
  • okay the next one we’re looking at is siblings. Sibling in English is a very good word that means brother and sister so you say: how many siblings do you have? not how many brothers and sisters do you have?  how many siblings? okay!
  • so that’s some of the vocabulary there’s more on the platform you will be doing that with yours with your teacher this week.

The next one we’re gonna look at our idioms and collocations okay the first one that idioms and collocations remember are expressions that you use that say a lot in just a few words for example:

  • runs in the family  something that you have for example it runs in the family to be tallit runs in the family to be short high cholesterol yes also

Let’s go down to our grammar section. The grammar that we have here is about confusing words okay words for example like parents and relatives Remember that your parents are your mother and your father and your relatives are everyone else.

When do you use from? when do you use since?
from is when the time starts for the duration and since is the beginning since 1982, since 1975 the time when it started.

Lend and borrow. Lend is to give. Borrow is to take him.

So there’s a lot that we’re going to be looking at this week guys. Thank you so much have a fabulous lesson with your amazing teachers, enjoy the lesson and if you don’t understand anything, we are here for you. 

Have a great week and we’ll see you in the lesson. Bye guys!

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