¡Es la semana del test! Pon a prueba tu inglés.


It’s test week! Yes, yes. This is test week! . In test week, we have the fantastic opportunity to review all the lessons that we had during this month, but can you remember them? Don’t worry, our teachers are here to help you
  • In, “Hooray for Autumn” we looked at Play, Go and Do for Sports. Do you remember how to use them?
  • In “Spanish Flair” We looked at the Conditionals. Zero, First, second, and third. Can you remember them?
  • In “Our Pets”, we looked at Reported Speech. Can you remember it?
  • In “This is Halloween”, we looked at the spooky, past tense.
  • Well, there you have it. Remember, do the test, get the certificate. You deserve it. Good luck.

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