Live Brent English Lesson for the week 26 June

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we’re live thank you so much for joining
us i’ve never had
any lessons thank you so much for
joining us here
as we explain what’s in the lesson for
this week it’s me brent the d-man
and trevor the tree
high five trevor high five talk it up
welcome guys to this video as we explain
to you what’s in the lesson for this
week we have a fantastic topic but thank
you to all the people that watched our
video last week it was amazing to see so
many people watching the video and
giving us their feedback it was
absolutely amazing so thank you so much
guys that was that was excellent okay
now uh also this week here it was a
fantastic weekend because in galicia in
the west of spain we celebrated a
fantastic event something we haven’t
celebrated in about two years called san
juan san juan music
yeah miniature
yes my friends we celebrated a fantastic
celebrity called san quan san juan is
the bonfire night bonfire or ogurus as
it’s called in spanish is when people
burn a lot of wood
trevor get scared trevor gets scared
thank you thank you take my breath away
so it was san juan here in larunia and
120 000 people on the beach 120 000
thank you man that was 120 000
people music that was it and it was so
nice to see so many people back on the
beach celebrating and as i saw them i
future students
no no
i didn’t think that i didn’t think that
thank you thank you man i thought it was
so great to see so many people back here
because we’re getting ready for summer
remember get ready for summer is our
topic we did last week
thank you man thank you so much
thank you so much so once again i have
never had any lessons to play the guitar
and i’m i’m i’m very good i’m very good
so this week guys we have a fantastic
topic for you oh i just want to say that
if you want to chat live remember you
can chat live and sonia from fastpasses
for y’all hi sonia is going to be
controlling all the chats from from
madrid so thank you so much thank you so
much to her and if you want to learn
spanish or you know someone who wants to
learn spanish please get in touch with
sonia from madrid sonia from madrid
that was that was sonia from madrid
music thank you so much guys thank you
so much so now guys what we’re going to
do is we’re going to look at our lesson
for this we got a fantastic lesson we
have a really good lesson for you and
this week’s lesson is called sales time
sales time music
yes yes sales we love sales if you like
me you love sales and you love shopping
shopping is amazing and this is a
fantastic time because you can buy
things now you can buy things at a
reduced price happy music
thank you that was happy music that was
happy music there’s a fantastic feeling
when you buy something at a reduced
price but there’s a bad feeling when you
take something
you like the price but it’s a skinny fit
oh skinny fit i hate this word but don’t
worry this word is not in our vocabulary
blissful for this week but there are
many other vocabulary we’re going to
look at also we can look at our idioms
and collocations remember idioms and
collocations uh francis etchers they are
mini sentences or words that express a
lot in just a few words okay for example
thank you man thank you for example here
take my breath away it’s
exactly idioms and collocations take our
breath away all right so for example if
you have to say in spain you say loki it
is what it is look here i it explains a
lot okay galicia it is
okay okay i thank you okay it’s exactly
the same loki eye okay it’s lucky i and
it explains a lot all right so that’s
what we’re gonna look at and our grammar
this week our grammar this week is about
confusing words confusing words music
that was confusing it even confused him
confusing words confusing music all
right so guys what we’re gonna do is
we’re looking at how confusing words and
our confusing words this week
look watch see
listen here
what’s the difference we will explain
to you a bit later and remember it’s
also on our platform check out our
platform at
and you will find out more information
about it we’re watching you we’re
watching you thank you d man thank you d
thank you thank you
that’s very
very tiring playing
it tires you it makes you tired so guys
what we’re going to do now is we’re
going to look at our vocabulary but
first we want to say welcome to our new
students joining us this week thank you
so much guys an absolute pleasure having
you here and to our students
thank you and to our students that
answered the wednesday listening correct
this week oh we didn’t have many that
answered all correctly because we had
three different accents three different
yes it was a little bit more complicated
there was three different accents a
little bit more complicated and many
students had two but one uh
one one was wrong but to the ones that
got it correct well done this week we
ninja level that’s how students when
ninja level if you answer all your ninja
levels all right so let’s start now with
our vocabulary style of vocabulary and
the first word that we’re going to have
a look at is
bargain by the music
now bargain in spanish is called ganga
in english is not called gangasian
there is no such thing as gandhiji thank
you watching you watching
right bargain is again something very
cheap and we have the next word remember
our vocabulary is level guide level
guide we start with
we start from pet and go to ninja ninja
yes ninja still a little bit racist
ninjas nature’s racist against teachers
okay so we start with pet and we go down
to our advanced ninja level right so
what we’re going to do now guys is let’s
start with the first one first bargain
the next one is cashier what is a
cashier cashier music
yes a cashier is the person that takes a
kahero a person that takes your money
and gives you the product and generally
leaves the security tag inside
security tag music
thank you that is officially security
tag music you know when you take the
products and you go
oh no
no my friends no
thank you thank you man that was exactly
sound the exact sound okay so we’ve got
cashier the next one is a word that’s
really involved this is first
certificate brand
brand what is the brand brand music
yes most of the music today is sponsored
thank you
now brand is america and there are many
different brands around the world some
brands you love and some brands you oh
you don’t like a lot some brands that
you love like brand english
print english music
thank you demon that was good i like
that all right so we’ve got department
store now department store is the next
one in the first certificate department
store is a store a shop a big shop where
you find lots of smaller companies
inside for example here in spain you
have el cortinblair so i love you
cortina i love it so but cutting less
that was slightly confused that’s
slightly confused cortical music okay so
we’ve got
we’ve got
uh department store it’s called english
here in spain sporting less in in
england you’ve got harold’s uh in in the
united states you’ve got oh many you’ve
got sacks uh many many many different
store stores there what’s the name of
the shop
this is a shop very very famous very big
in midtown amazing amazing store macy’s
macy’s that’s one macy’s is also a
department store okay now let’s go to
the advanced
ninja level are you ready for this
now the advanced word the first word
we’ve got is fitting room
you know a fitting room is a proper door
my friends proper door not proper
duration no no no it’s a fitting room
because when you go to the footing room
it will fit me
it will fit me
skinny feet skinny fit please help me
skinny feel
skinny fit skinny fit okay i hate skinny
friend why skinny fit
skinny fit music please maestro
thank you so that’s the cambridge
advanced and the last word we’ve got is
gift voucher now this is the advanced
what is the gift vulture my friends what
is the gift voucher gift voucher give
out your music my soul
take my breath away now a gift voucher
thank you the man
oh yes take my breath away now a gift
voucher is when you are too lazy
to go and buy a present for your friend
so you give them basically money with
the name of the company yes it’s called
a coupon so you say
happy birthday
i was too busy
thank you
thank you man that that was very good
diva that was incredible i don’t know
the name of the song but it was very
good i like the tube i like the tube
so when you give somebody a gift voucher
you are giving them a coupon basically
you know
congratulations i’m too busy i’m too
so there you go okay
oh yes
uh d-man for his birthday guess what he
got guess what he had got for his
nothing yes he got nothing for his
birthday nothing
all right so that was our vocabulary
remember we started with pets and we
went down to the advanced but first let
me show you a product that’s on sale
last week we sold many copies of my
memoirs okay brent’s memoirs okay
as you can see it’s got a picture of me
in the front
let me read a little bit from you
i was born in hawaii
oh that’s surprising i didn’t know i was
from hawaii so thank you thank you mom
and dad thank you mom and dad now guys
it’s time to go oh sorry let me just
show you let me show you here i’m gonna
go on to show you some of the platform
so that’s the platform guys that’s a
platform and
okay there’s two remember we’ve got
sales time plus it has extra vocabulary
extra words and our podcast and only at
4.99 it’s a bargain
the next one we’ve got is our free
lesson and on our free lesson you can
find so this is the platform yes we’re
watching our students
we’re watching all right we watch we’re
watching okay so there we go and let’s
go to our vocabulary and let’s look at
the vocabulary so we see we’ve got
bargain cashier brand department store
fitting rooms okay so that’s what we’ve
got there now guys remember this is on
our platform at so
remember to to go to and
you can find uh you can see this yet
it’s free so try it on it’s for our
students so please check it out all
right so that was the vocabulary idioms
and collocations maestro
you’ve never seen this with this song
wait wait
complicated too difficult too difficult
for me
to do it come for me
and one more time
not for me not for me this is my baby
getting better all the time it’s a
famous song by
by the beatles i don’t know so let’s go
now with our idioms and collocations
remember idioms and collocations are
phrases etchos they are sentences that
you can use that say a lot within mucho
they say a lot in solar pockets bubbles
for example hki okay
anyway my friends let’s go now and look
at our idioms and collocations the first
one we got is
rip off
uh lip off like rip curl you know the
marker rip curl rip off if you have been
ripped off okay very boring pasado
yes when somebody steals from you or in
this case it’s when the price is
extremely high extremely high for
example brent’s memoirs brent’s memoirs
is a fantastic price and only
289 euros now that is not a rip-off
let me read some more
i became president of the united states
okay i didn’t know that i didn’t know i
was the president
you learn something every day okay so
that’s not a report only to only 300
euros come on my friends this is not a
ripoff it’s a good price it’s a good
price okay first one rip up the next one
is shopping spree shopping spree if you
go on a shopping spree
then that means you go crazy and you
start buying everything everything
shopping spree generally when people get
a bonus
they go
and they see your shopping spree
shopping’s free music my store
yes miniature jager yes my friends
that’s a shopping spree come to galicia
it’s a shopping spree shoppers paradise
shoppers paradise la carina better okay
so we’ve got a shopping spree next one
cost an arm and a leg cost an arm and a
something that’s very
expensive if something is very expensive
it costs an arm and a leg costs an arm
and a leg music my store
well i don’t have arms to kind of play
yeah yeah
arms so he can’t play okay if something
is very expensive i can play i can play
i can play
no lessons no lessons i’ve never had a
lesson in my life never at least in my
life so if something costs an arm and a
leg remember it’s very very very
my book brent’s rewards is not
does not cost an armored leg and only
400 euros at only 400 euros you can find
a copy of my book let me read a little
bit more
biden is my friend oh i never knew that
i never knew that biden and i
wear friends you learn something every
day my friends at only 500 euros it does
not cost an arm and a leg okay so let’s
go the next one the next one is window
shopping window shopping remember window
shopping is mirando las caprates if
you’re looking at the caprara you are
window shopping now generally
people go window shopping just before
they get paid just before you get paid
thank you man just before people get
paid they go window shopping because
they don’t have money so they look at
things oh beautiful oh beautiful i come
back in two weeks okay so this is the
window shopping and the last one is
super important calidad precious in
english is not quality price it’s not
quality price not quality price music
thank you
thank you myster what it’s not quality
price caliban please not quality price
in english it’s value for money value
for money for example
for example my memoirs
is very good
value for money okay at only 500 euros
on you can have a copy of my book
you see that’s it it’s there for you
it’s waiting for you okay so we’ve got
value for money now guys so let me just
show you very quickly what it looks like
here can we have some music by snow
we’re watching you students we’re
watching you oh yes we’re watching you
so this is the idioms and collocations
okay idioms and collocations music
so that’s the idioms and locations music
and there we go we’ve got ripoff
shopping spree customer leg window
shopping and value for money okay so
that’s it there guys so please remember
to check it out right last thing we know
is our grammar grammar music
oh yes hey joe jimmy hendrix who doesn’t
love jimmy who doesn’t love jimmy so the
last one he got is a grammar now
remember what’s the difference between
look and see
watch look and see music please maestro
i’m watching you
i’m watching you i’m watching you
watching me
so we’ve got
watch remember so things that are moving
if something moves it’s called a watch
okay if you watch it you are watching i
am watching you’re watching football
you’re watching rugby you’re watching
you’re not watching cricket i know you
okay so we are watching all right
because it’s moving what is the name of
this it’s definitely called a watch
a watch but it’s called bread swatch
okay so watch because it’s moving it’s
turning it’s turning it’s turning so
it’s a what look is for something still
still music please
thank you that was still music okay
something that doesn’t move you look
look at the picture look at me when your
jaman go attention when you’re calling
attention is to look okay and see is
everything around you everything around
your music please maestro
thank you
today’s class is sponsored by
by sting thank you sting for
sponsoring this video right so when you
see it’s everything around you when you
watch it for things that are moving and
when you look it’s for things that are
still that are not moving okay remember
the difference guys and what’s the
difference now between listen and hear
listen is for something specific it’s
like look
look at me listen to me you are drawing
attention draw attention music questions
oh yes
loving it okay so listen to me and when
you hear it’s like when you see because
when you see it’s everything around you
not specific and when you hear it’s
everything around you not specific to
okay well there you have it guys thank
you so much for staying for 21 minutes
and watching this video remember this is
what’s in the lesson for this week your
teachers are going to help you and show
you more so thank you so much have a
fantastic week we look forward to seeing
you in the class for me brent thank you
so much for the d man
and from trevor the tree remember our
plus class is there at five euros it’s
fantastic price so please check it out
sale price have a great week and we’ll
see you in the lesson thanks guys bye
have a good one

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