Money Money Money – lesson explainer video of the week


This video is made for wonderful students so they know what to expect in this week’s amazing lesson. Do you want to find out? well, let’s go! This week the lesson on our platform is money money money. Why money money money? well money is something that affects all of us. So having the ability to speak about this topic is really important guys because here at Brent English with our Fast Pass Method, we know that the only way and the best way that you are going to improve your English is by speaking. And speaking about topics that you find interesting and we all find money very interesting. So in this video we are going to look at a little bit of the vocabulary, a little bit of the idioms and collocations and some of the grammar that you can expect in this week’s amazing lesson so let’s start now with our vocabulary. So guys, remember our vocabulary is level guide first of all vocabulary which is

  • currency -> currency is a noun and it’s the money of a country. What’s the currency in your country? here in Europe and most many countries in Europe we have the Euro.
  • The next one we’re looking at well this one is a bit more complicated. It’s a noun and is mortgage mortgage music
    money. So mortgage is a loan that you take from the bank to buy a house or to buy a property, it’s called a mortgage.

Now guys we’re gonna move on to our idiom and collocations. Remember, idioms and collocations. They are expressions that say a lot in just a few words

  • the first one we’re looking at is to cost an arm and a leg to cuss them out. If something costs an arm and a leg it means that it’s very expensive
  • the next one we’re looking at guys is something very new to you it’s called Pennywise pound foolish means that someone who
    saves a little money but ends up spending a lot more.

Our grammar guys we’re looking at comparative and superlative adjectives. Why comparative and superlative adjectives? well it’s really important to compare whenever you’re going to buy something or if you visit somewhere when you’re traveling with your money. So in
this lesson we are going to be looking at the biggest the most expensive the cheapest the highest the tallest the best English classes Ninja level

thank you for enjoy your lesson it’s going to be a fabulous lesson this week talking about money and all the aspects around it look at you speaking speaking

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