Wednesday Listening-Conditionals Week


It’s Wednesday time for our listening and this week as our lesson is about conditionals. Using the clues, can you guess the answers? Before we begin
remember that this Sunday is when we start our youtube live videos at 11 am Spanish time, so join us on youtube to see what the lesson is for the wii.

Now listen to each speaker and guess the answer

speaker one first conditional: if you study, you well you will speaker too
second conditional if I won the lottery I would buy you would buy a ….
– and finally speaker three third conditional: if you had been born in Germany in the 1920s, what world event would you have seen? Which event is it?

Well, there you have it. Do you think you have all three? Remember to send your answers back to your teachers so that we can correct them.
It’s Wednesday and our Sunday live video is coming see you on Sunday at 11 a.m Spanish time on youtube.
Have a great week!

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