Black Friday-Lesson explainer video of the week


Are you doing any Black Friday shopping? Come on team! come on now. This week listen on the our platform is Black Friday now. Why Black Friday? well, look around you! Black Friday is a global event that has people shopping and when you go shopping you are going to be speaking. Remember, the Fast Pass Method is about getting people to speak. The more you speak the better you become. And thats the Fast Pass Method. So in this lesson we are going to look at some new vocabulary, some new expressions, some fantastic grammar and as always we are going to have incredible topics that will get you speaking, speaking, speaking.  Are you ready?

Now it’s time for our vocabulary. Remember the vocabulary is level guided NINJA LEVEL. Are you ready? let’s go!

  • first one we are going to look at is Bargain is a noun, a bargain is a very discounted price find right.
  • the next one we are going to look is gift voucher. So with a gift voucher will give us now and it’s something that you get that represents money that you can use as a shop and it has a specific amount for example 10 euros, so you can use that as money when you go to a shop and you can buy whatever you want especially on Black Friday.

Now it’s time for all the idioms and collocations. Remember idioms and collocations are sentences and expressions that you can use that say a lot in just a few words. So we’re going to look at two of them but the rest of them are on the platform, you will go over them with your teacher. Are you ready?

  • the first one you’re looking at is a bargain hunter. Now if you are a bargain hunter then you are a person who loves to look at discounted prices at different shops. Are you a bargain hunter? 
  • the second one is shopaholic. Shopaholic is a person who loves to shop and can shop pretty much every hour of the day every day of the year.

Grammar this week is about the reported speech. why have reported speech? well reported speech is about telling people just how reporting what you hear so dont worry if you click on the link below that find a video that will explain everything

but don’t worry in the lesson also your teacher you’re fabulous teachers will explain everything

Thank you for watching this video. See you in the lesson! We say bye and enjoy your shopping and see you in the lesson.

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