Wednesday Listening – Can you guess the device?

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Its Wednesday. Time for our listening and this week as our lesson is about technology , using the clues, can you guess these three answer? Before, we begin remember to like, share and subscribe for more wonderful Fast Pass Method material. Are you ready? Well, let’s go!

  • the first device originally was used to send and receive phone calls. Today, however, you use it for so much more from taking photographs, to sending messages, to even organizing your agenda. What device is this?
  • the second device is a home appliance and you use to heat up your food in only a few seconds or a few minutes the food comes out piping hot. What device or Appliance is this? and finally
  • this device controls your house who has the power of control over this device controls what you watch as you switch through channels effortlessly. What device is this?

Well, there you have it! Do you think you can them all three? Remember to send your answers back to your teachers so that we can correct them. It’s Wednesday that means the weekends almost here. So answer your questions and have a good one!

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