Tech Week- BE on the cutting edge. Lesson explainer video of the week


This video is made for all fabulous students so they know what to expect in this week’s lesson. Do you want to find out? Well, let’s go! oh yeah, come on now! This week the lesson on our platform is to be on The Cutting Edge. What is to be on The Cutting Edge? well, to be on The Cutting Edge is to be on the Forefront of new technology and developments that will help you improve your life and here at BrentEnglish we are on The Cutting Edge Cutting Edge music. So guys, in this lesson we’re going to talk about technology. Technology is really important because look around you there’s technology everywhere. Look around, you technology, technology, technology, technology…

So in this video we’re going to look at some new vocabulary, some new expressions and topics that will get you speaking about technology. As I mentioned before, technology is really important in your life and you will be using it.

So let’s grow your ability to speak about this topic because speaking about something, helps you improve and the more you speak the better you become and that’s the Fast Pass Method.

So let’s start with our vocabulary. In this video we are going to look at two vocabulary and from vocabulary we are going to go on to our idioms and collocations. Remember the Expressions that say a lot in just a few words and finally we will look at our grammar. This week the grammar is verbs that end in -ing.

Remember the vocabulary is level guided so keep track of your progress on a week by week basis. Are you ready? let’s go the first one

  • we’re looking at is a network which is a noun. Network, guys, remember network is the ability to grow your connections between people or a system having a better. Network enables you to contact and communicate with more people around the world.
  • the next one we look at is a verb it’s to undo. To undo something is when you make a mistake and you have to take it out. Remember I’m do – I’m did – I’m done.

Now it’s time for us to look at our idioms and collacations. So we’re gonna look at just two of the idioms and collocations

  • the first one we’re looking at is to cross your wires, to have your wires. If you cross your wires then you make a mistake with understanding something.
  • the next one we look at is to be on The Cutting Edge. Remember to be Cutting Edge is to be to be a Forefront of new technology and developments.

This week, guys, the grammar that we’re looking at is verbs that end in -ing. It’s really important because when do you put the -ing now if you click and on the link below it will take you to one of the videos that we have that will explain it. But
don’t worry, also in this week’s lesson on the platform you have more exercises and with your fabulous teachers we will be going over that.

Thank you so much for watching this video have a fabulous week. Enjoy your lessons and we look forward to seeing you in there so
until then we say bye and see you!

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