celebraciones del mundo y el genitivo sajón


Hello, Brent English students! Are you ready for this week’s sneak peek video into what’s coming in our lesson for the week?

  • As this month, we are celebrating Guy Fawkes,Diwali and Thanksgiving. This will be an excellent topic for you to learn about, to get you speaking.
  • The more you speak, the “BE”tter you will “BE”come.
  • Our grammar focus this week is all about the Possessive Case, a way to show ownership and relationships, it’s just as diverse as the world itself.
  • That’s right. The possessive case helps us say things like, it’s India’S celebration of lights, or it’s the United States’ celebration of Thanks.
  • There’s a lot more examples for you to check out, but don’t worry, we’ve got them covered for you
  • And this week we’ve got a challenge for you.
  • Can you match the celebration to the country’s flag correctly? Drop your answer in the comments below.
  • For the full “Celebrations of the World” lesson, remember to go onto our platform@www.brentschool.com. We’ve got so much content that we have created just for you.
  • We are here to make your language journey as rich and vibrant as the cultures of the world. Keep learning, keep celebrating, and we’ll see you in our “Celebrations of the world Lesson”


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