El Examen de Audición Semanal – celebraciones


listening, and this week as our lesson is about “Celebrations of the world” using the clues given to you by the teachers. Can you guess the answers? Before we begin, remember to Like, Share, Subscribe for more wonderful, FASTPASS method material. Ally, get us started!

  • Thanks, Brent. This is celebrated in the United States in November, just before Black Friday. What is it?
  • This happens at the end of November, all around the world when people buy things at discounted prices. What is it?
  • This is celebrated in India and it’s known as the celebration of light. What is it?
  • Back to you, Brent. Well, there you have it. Do you think you have them all 3? Send us back your answers on WhatsApp so that we can check to see if you’ve got your points. Good luck.
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