comparativos y superlativos en inglés: ‘Binge watch’


ready for our Sneak Peek video into what’s coming for the lesson for this week? Before we start, do you have a series that you love to watch? Leave your answers in the comments below to see if I like them too.
  • Our lesson this week to get You speaking is about Binge Watching series or movies.
  • That’s right, Ally to Binge is a verb, which means to excessively indulge in doing something, especially when you watch episode after episode. Back to back to back of your favourite TV series or movie.
  • Our Grammar focus this week is all about the Comparative and Superlative adjective, the key to talking about our favourite characters and shows.
  • For example, we’ll help you say, this show is BETTER THAN that one. Or, she’s the FUNNIEST character on tv.
  • What’s your favourite show?
  • The teachers have compiled a list of their favourite TV series. What do you guys think about it? Do you agree or disagree? If you want to add anything into it, put it in below
  • For the full binge watch lesson, remember to visit our platform at We’ve got series of extra content waiting for you. Keep learning, keep laughing, and we’ll see you in our Binge Watching lesson.


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