Listening -¿Puedes adivinar la serie?


listening. And this week as our lesson is about Series and Movies, using the clues given to you by the teachers, can you guess the answers before we begin? Remember to like, share and subscribe for more wonderful FASTPASS method material.

  • This series is epic. It has kings, queens, and even a Dragon or two.
  • What series is it? Mine is a series all about working in an “Office” What is it? Over to you D Man.
  • Thanks Tina! My favourite series is about zombies that are walking. You could say that they are “dead” What series is it? Back to you, Brent.
  • ThanksD Man,Well, there you have it. Remember, send us back your answers on WhatsApp and if you get them correct, you get your points!

¿Necesitas ayuda?