Present Perfect – Black Friday


Our “Black Friday” class is here!
  • Get ready to “Shop till you drop” in English.
  • This week we’re diving into the hustle and bustle of Black Friday shopping.
  • Our Grammar Focus this week is all about the Present Perfect Simple and Past Simple the keys to talking about your shopping adventures. It’s a Shopaholic’s dream!
  • For example, you learn how to say, I’ve bought a new phone, or she found amazing discounts.
  • What’s your favourite shops? Do you have any? Put your answers in the comments below!
  • For The whole Black Friday experience. Visit our platform. We have a lot of content waiting for You,
  • and don’t forget to click on that subscribe button and ring that notification bell. You don’t want to miss out on our shopping extravaganza.
  • We are here To make your language learning as thrilling as a Black Friday Shopping Spree. Keep learning, keep shopping, and we’ll see you in our Black Friday lesson.

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