¡Clase de halloween!


Get ready for our Halloween Sneak Peek video.

  • time.
  • This week we’re killing into the world of the Past Tense.
  • Last we got some “tricks and treats” in store for you.
  • Our Grammar focus this week is about the “scary past tense”, a way to talk about spooky events that happened in the past. It’s frightfully interesting.
  • We’ll show you how to say he SAW a ghost, or she ENCOUNTERED a haunted house.
  • We’re also going to explore some chilling Halloween vocabulary.
  • Get ready for some ghostly encounters.
  • Check Out the platform. We’ve got a Cauldron of extra resources for you,
  • so Make sure to visit our platform at www.brentschool.com and get your points.
  • We’re here to make your language learning as thrilling as a haunted house tour .
  • Keep learning, keep exploring, and we’ll see you in our Halloween lesson.
  • Good “DIE” forever. See you in class for some more Halloween fun!

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