El Examen de Audición Semanal – Mascotas


listening and this week as our lesson is about “Our Pets” using the clues given to you by the teachers. Can you guess the pet? before we begin, remember to Like, Share and Subscribe for more wonderful FASTPASS method material. Are we ready? Ally, get us started!

  • Brent. This Pet is man’s best friend. What is it? Over to you, Rubi!
  • Thanks Ally Man’s best friend. Well, my animal is the feline enemy of man’s best friend. What is it? Over to you,D Man!
  • Thanks, Rubi Man’s best friend. Well, mine is uh, my best friend. It’s an ancestor of the Rodent. What is it?
  • Well, there you have it. Remember to send us back your answers and collect your points. Good luck.


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