‘Reported speech’ y mascotas


furry friends! It is time for our “sneak peek” into what’s lesson.

  • PET-tastic adventure with us.
  • Get ready to talk about adorable pets,
  • And we’re not stopping there. We’re going to be looking at some fantastic pet vocabulary.
  • Our grammar spotlight this week is about the Reported Speech. It’s very useful when you want to report about what someone has said or thought. And as you’re talking about pets, it is going to come in really handy.
  • We’ll show you how to say… She said she loves cats, or He thought he wanted a pet snake.
  • Remember to check our platform more fun pet information.
  • We’re here to make your language learning as fun and easy as cuddling with your favourite pet.
  • And remember, every pet has a story to tell.
  • Keep learning, keep smiling, and we’ll see you in our PETs lesson,
  • Ciao Amigos. See you in class for more Pet themed. Fun!

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