El Examen de Audición Semanal – Otoño

and this week as our lesson is about Autumn, using the clues given to you by the teachers. Can you guess the vocabulary associated with Autumn?
Before we begin, remember to like, share and method material. Are you ready? Well, Ally, get us started.
  • Thanks, Brent. This you wear around your neck to keep it warm. What is it? Over to you, Rubi.
  • Thanks Ally, These come from trees and they fall down during autumn making everything so beautiful. What are they? Over to you, D Man
  • Thanks, Rubi You put these on your hands to keep your fingers warm during Autumn, What are they?Back to you, Brent.
Well, there you have it. Remember, send us back your answers, collect your points. Come on, you can do it.



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