Vocabulario Divertido Sobre el Clima y Deportes


Adventure planned for you!

  • Do you see us in orange? Are you ready for this month’s incredible Halloween lessons
  • and This week we’re diving into fun.
  • Plus we got a surprise In store that you won’t what to
  • and Do. Can you guess which sports use Play,Go and Do in English? Don’t worry. Ally’s here to explain.
  • We use Play for sports with a ball. We use. Go with activities outdoors like swimming or running and Do for activities that we do in an arena. But don’t worry, we’ll talk about this later.

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  • challenge for you this week. Do the Wednesday listening and the Friday points.
  • Remember, Laughter and learning go hand in Hand.
  • Keep learning, keep exploring and
  • class for some autumn fun.

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