El Examen de Audición Semanal

week as our lesson is about Test Week, we are reviewing  all the lessons we had during questions that the teachers asked you before we begin? Remember to like, share and subscribe for wonderful FASTPASS method material. Ally, get us started
  • In week one. We looked at meetings and greetings. Can you remember this question from a country down under famous for its kangaroos? They say this to greet. G’Day Mate. Can you guess it?
  • G’Day. Ally Again, in Adverbs of Frequency, we looked at, this is work that your teacher gave you to do at home. What is it? Over to you,D Man,
  • Howdy Rubi! In week three, we looked at hobbies. Can you guys guess what my hobby is? Again, back to you, Brent.
  • Thanks D Man. Yes, once again, helping us with our listening. Well, there you have it. Send us back your answers and good luck.


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