History in the making- lesson explainer video of the week


This video is made for wonderful students so they know what to expect in this week’s fabulous lesson. Are you ready? Well, let’s find out!
This week the topic on our platform is history in the making. Why history in the making? Well speaking about a historical event from your City Town region is really important in expressing you as a unique individual and speaking in English is what we want to do here at BrentEnglish with our Fast Pass Method, because remember, the more you speak the better you become and that’s our objective. So in this video we will be looking at a little bit of the vocabulary, a little bit of the idioms and collocations and some of the grammar that you can expect with your amazing teachers in this week’s lesson.

So let’s start with our vocabulary. So guys remember that the vocabulary is level guided. So let’s look at three of our vocabulary today.

  • the first one we’re looking at is sensor. Sensor is a verb stop demand you are censored. Remember if you censor someone it’s about to suppress information.
  • the next one we’re looking at is a noun which is revenue. Revenue is the income or the money that a corporation gets
  • and the last one we’re looking at is dire (an adjective) which is dire? means that some something that is in a very difficult situation or a very perilous situation that means dire. 

So that’s some of the vocabulary. The rest you will find on our platform at www.brentschool.com me. It’s time for us to look at our idioms and collocations. Remember with Idioms and collocations the Expressions that you can use that say a lot in just a few words.

  • The first one we’re looking at is good old days is when you reminisce about the past but be careful because sometimes if you reminisce about the good old days you kind of forget about how people were censored and how civil rights were not allowed in the past or maybe not so good days okay the good old days.
  • The next one we’re looking at is history in the making but just imagine just imagine there’s a song for history in the making

Now guys we’re going to look at some of our grammar. The grammar this week is about confusing words. Words that sound similar that confuses people. For example look, watch and see. What’s the difference? Remember

  • look it’s for things that are still
  • watch is for things that are moving
  • and see is to observe things around you

There are more examples of this on the platform so please guys check it out and be ready for the class with your fabulous teachers. Well, thank you. Have an excellent week! We look forward to seeing you in the lesson and until then take care and bye 

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