Wednesday Listening – Confusing words week, can you guess the answers?


It’s Wednesday time for our listening and this week as our lesson is about confusing words. Using the clues, can you guess these three answers? Before we begin remember to like, share and subscribe for more wonderful Fast Pass Method material. Are you ready? Well, let’s begin!

  • They are not your fathers, they are your parents. Who are they?
  • If someone tells you something that happened to them? Are they telling you uh history or a story which one is it?
  • and finally if something happens at seven o’clock in the morning? is it happening at the first hour or early morning?

Well, there you have it. Do you think you have them all three? Remember to send your answers back to your teachers so that we can correct them. It’s Wednesday that means the weekend’s almost here so have a good one and good luck to you

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