Wednesday Listening – Can you guess the writing expression used?


Its Wednesday. Time for our listening and this week as our lesson is about writing week, using the clues, can you guess these three answer? Before, we begin remember to like, share and subscribe for more wonderful Fast Pass Method material. Are you ready? Well, let’s go!

  • the first is something you use in informal chat or informal message and is a way to say hello and is with two letters. The first letter begins with H
  • the second question is for a formal email and is a linking word to add information. Yes! there are several that you can choose from so just give me one. Which one are you going to choose? and
  • finally for an informal email. How would you sign off? how would you say goodbye in an informal email? Once again there are many to choose from so let’s see what you can come up with!

Well, there you have it! Do you think you can them all three? Remember to send your answers back to your teachers so that we can correct them. It’s Wednesday and December is here that means Christmas is coming ever closer!

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