Speaking week – Killer Conversations NOT Conversation Killers- Lesson explainer video of the week

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This video is made for a wonderful students so they know what to expect in this week’s fabulous lesson. Do you want to find out? Well let’s go!

Oh yes, it’s speaking week this week here at Brent English. The topic on our platform is killer conversations. Why? well, having a fantastic killer conversation will enable you to speak more and the more you speak the better you become and that’s the Fast Pass Method.

So we’re going to be looking at incredible topics that will get you speaking so let’s have a look at a few examples.

  • If someone asks -> how are you?, don’t just say fine. Conversation killer. Rather say -> I’m fine thanks and yourself?
  •  if someone asks -> did you enjoy the movie? don’t just say yes. Conversation killer. Rather say -> yes I did, how about you?
  • if someone asks -> do you enjoy your English classes? don’t just say yes. Conversation killer. Say  -> they are amazing, wouldn’t you agree?

Well there you go Partners. We hope you enjoyed the video it made you smile. We’ll see you in the lesson. Have a fabulous week. Remember to use all the wonderful expressions that you will learn and speak speak the more you speak the more you can dance well kind of well. Have a fabulous week!

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