Wednesday Listening – is it Will or Going to, can you guess?

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Wednesday listening. We’ll go into! Are you ready? well, let’s go!
This week you know our lesson is about Will and going to. Let me explain and then you choose the correct answer.

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will. We use for a decision made at the moment and going to for a plan or intention for the future. So in this sentence
Oh no we don’t have any team. Don’t worry

  • I will get it or
  • I am going to get it

which is the answer?

⇒ We use will for a prediction based upon a feeling and going to for a prediction based on evidence. So in this question
look at the score my team

  • will win or
  • is going to win

which is it?

⇒ And finally we use will for a fact and going to for a prediction based upon evidence. So in this sentence
– the sun (……) rise tomorrow

  • will or
  • is going

which is it?

Well there you have it. Do you think you had them all three? Send your answers back to your fabulous teachers so that we can correct them. It’s Wednesday it’s the sound of Christmas and the weekend’s almost here so have a good one! 

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